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Cleanse Your Life: Part 4 – Spirit

Are you lost in your own life?  Do you want to find your purpose in life? Do you truly know who you are?  Is it possible to cleanse your spirit from bad karma?  What does it mean to be spiritual? Death doesn’t exist…. What?!  In the previous parts of this blog series, I talked about how to […]


Natural Ways to Lift Your Energy When You’re Tired All the Time

Have you noticed how often you or the people around you feel tired? Do you find yourself wishing you could have enough energy to be more productive and more present for the people in your life?


Healthy is the New Wealthy

Good health is worth more than anything that money can buy. Are you investing your hard earned money and time in your own health?? Many people don’t realize that they are already the wealthiest people alive until they become sick or ill.  How can this divine granted gift be taken so lightly and be overlooked […]

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