Energy Healing with Natural Gemstones​

Energy healing with gemstones

is about balancing the seven energies (chakras) that are essential for healthy and happy living. According to ancient knowledge, the seven Chakras are energy hubs located throughout the body and when one is clogged by negativity or accumulated emotions and thoughts this prevents the easy flow of energy throughout the body which leads to illness and dis-ease.

The chakras and their corresponding gemstone’s healing properties:


The root chakra is associated with survival, sense of safety, physical energy, protection, courage, and strength.
A stone of action brings love, joy, fullness, courage, improves intuition, attract wealth, gives energy, helps to fight envy and rage, eliminate negativity, stimulate sexuality. Carnelian brings an energy that is full of life and vitality. It increases your metabolism, it influences the male and female reproductive organs, increases fertility, overcomes impotence and frigidity. Carnelian helps with lower-back problems, rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia, and depression. It regulates your body fluids and kidneys.


Sacral chakra is associated with emotional freedom, relationships, sexuality, sensual pleasure, creativity, energy, leadership.
Helps to clean the aura, brings peace, calmness, enhances love, wealth, good luck, gives the strength to carry on through stress. Sardonyx is very good for blood disorders and energizing the system. It can also be used to help improve the efficiency of all bodily functions and for any skin damage caused by burns or scalds.


Solar plexus chakra is associated with the power of will, independence confidence, clear personal identity, clarity, intellect, memory, and internal energy.
Healing properties: brings peace, calmness, enhances love, wealth, good luck, gives the strength to carry on through stress. Very good for blood disorders and energizing the system. It can also be used to help improve the efficiency of all bodily functions and for any skin damage caused by burns or scalds.


The heart chakra is associated with relationships, compassion, empathy, love, creativity, imagination, appreciation of beauty.
Healing properties: stone of love, brings luck and happiness, used for protection, strengthens friendship. Aventurine balances blood pressure, stimulates metabolism, lowers cholesterol and prevents arteriosclerosis. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and can ease skin eruptions and allergies. Aventurine can ease migraines, headache and eye pain.


The throat chakra is associated with self-expression, communication, friendship, connection with the etheric realm, creativity, and sense of timing.
Healing properties: gives courage, boost creativity, balance and harmonizing body and soul, brings wisdom, has calming abilities, can be used for protection. Agate has beneficial effects on the eyes, the stomach. It cleanses the lymphatic system, improves circulation and helps with skin problems.


Third eye chakra is associated with intuition, wisdom, insight, inspiration, the perception of subtle dimensions and movements of energy, intuitive sensibility, inner perception.
Healing properties: powerful protective stone, brings good luck and happiness, clear sadness, rise intuition and spiritual awareness, the best choice for meditation practice.
It can heal diseases of the lungs and respiratory tract, skin conditions, cellular disorders, and disease of the digestive tract. Helps to fight depression.


Crown chakra is associated with self-consciousness, wisdom, awareness, connection with higher cosmic powers, realization, liberation from limiting patterns, bliss, highest spiritual level.
Healing properties: Angel Aura Quartz assists in remembering lessons from past incarnations and attuning to one’s spiritual purpose. It is a marvelous aid for recognizing beauty, from Nature and Spirit, from within, and in others. May be used to align and purify all chakras. Angel Aura Quartz is an all-healer, harmonizing one’s energy field with the physical body, and is thought to be particularly helpful for autism, Asperger’s syndrome and the nervous system. It is great for anxiety, panic attacks, phobias.


How to use gemstones for energy healing?

The easiest way to take full advantage of these gemstone’s healing properties is by wearing a bracelet or necklace made with natural gemstone beads. Also, you can simply hold the stones in your hands or lay down and place them on your body atop of their corresponding chakras.

If you’re exposed to electromagnetic ‘radiation’ like wifi or cellphone signals and spend most of your day in front of a computer screen or electronic device, then it’s important that you have or wear a gemstone bracelet and practice grounding by walking barefoot on grass or hugging a tree to help your body unload these synthetic energy stored in your body.

In my free “Wellbeing Guide,” I also share tips to help you release negative thoughts and emotions which are known to be the culprit behind chakra blockages, stress, and eventually dis-ease.



“Change is constant and wellbeing your true nature….  you choose to either resist or allow it.”


Joyous and healthy days to you and remember that

Wellbeing Starts withIN

Allen Kares



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