Healthy is the New Wealthy


Good health is worth more than anything that money can buy. Are you investing your hard earned money and time in your own health??

Many people don’t realize that they are already the wealthiest people alive until they become sick or ill.  How can this divine granted gift be taken so lightly and be overlooked by millions of people all around the world?? I’m still looking for that answer….

One thing I’m sure about is that if you invest your time and money in taking good care of your body, mind, and spirit; that investment will certainly pay back a whole lot more in time and money.  Think about this….

If you did not take the time out of your busy day to, say, do your favorite physical activity like walking, running, yoga or lifting weights then this time not invested in yourself would be subtracted from your overall lifespan. Also, if you didn’t spend a few extra bucks on whole nourishing foods then you’ll end up spending lots more in “health care” or medications.

Whereas if you take that time and money and put it back into yourself then this will certainly translate into better health and this will translate into having more time and ability to earn money. Do you follow what I’m saying??   So I’m certain that been healthy or improving your health leads to wealth.   Good health equals more wealth earning possibilities.  Also, having more time and money then you can invest more in your spiritual development.

I want you to Live wHealthy and this is why I want to invite you to invest in yourself. If what you read here or see on my website interests you please write me a note and let me get to know you and hear about your health or wealth goals!!



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I believe change is the only constant.

If you try to stop change you’ll experience resistance but if you welcome and allow it you will experience magic.

Most joyously loving and healthy days to you dear soulfriend and remember that Wellbeing Starts withIN 

Live INjoy,

Coach BeNito  😀


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Hi soulfriend!! :D  I’m BeNito RS, Integrative Nutrition Health & Spirituality Coach, energy healer, and numerologist. I thrive guiding people on their path to spiritual awakening, improved health and wellbeing. For more than 13 years I've been living a healthy lifestyle and been mentored by the world’s top renowned experts on all things health, wellness, spirituality, and personal development. I like to say that my life experience is a joyous one impulsed by constant expansion, inner peace, and the occasional bursts of contrast that spice things up  :P
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