How to Let Go with Ease and Grace

If the thought of “letting go” is challenging for you, ponder this for a moment….

By the time you get to the end of a year, you’ve picked up a lot of “junk” – physically, emotionally and mentally.

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To successfully move into your future, you have to release the junk that no longer serves you. This process creates space for new thoughts, patterns, behaviors, people, places, projects and events that align with who you are becoming.

This is similar to cleaning out your fridge or taking out the garbage. You don’t hold onto rotting food or garbage, hoping it will become edible and nutritious again. You simply get rid of it so you can make space for the new food that meets your present needs.

To assist you in getting the most out of this year’s end and the new beginning, I have created the activity below.

Dedicate time to this process and get ready for the new year ahead.


Step 1: Reflect

Take a few moments to reflect on the past 9 years of your life. Record at least 9 people, places or events you’re grateful for. Get specific and write about what you’ve learned, how you’ve grown and how these people, places, and events have impacted your life.


Step 2: Take an INventory

Next, take a few minutes to think about your current life circumstances. What patterns, thoughts and behaviors no longer serve you? What physical objects can you let go to create more space in your life? What people or circumstances are no longer serving you?

Be honest with yourself and record your thoughts in writing.


Step 3: Release

Now it’s time to get clear on what you’re ready to release. Write down at least 3 (I recommend 9) things you identified in step 2 that you are ready to release.

Don’t worry about “how” the release will happen. Setting the intention that you are ready for something new in your life is enough to evoke a positive shift.



Congratulations on completing this activity!

It takes courage to assess your life and you are bound to reap the bene ts of your hard work.

Now, please share in the comments below one or two things that you INtend to achieve this year.  And remember that if you ever feel that you need additional support or guidance I’m here for you ready to assist you 🙂




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“Change is constant and wellbeing your true nature….  you choose to either resist or allow it.”


Joyous and healthy days to you and remember that

Wellbeing Starts withIN

Allen Kares



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