Cleanse Your Life: Part 1 – Heart

pexels-photo-424517.jpegHave you ever been heartbroken?  Do you still hold grudges against people who have hurt you before?  Are you sad?  Do you want to feel happy again and live a fulfilling life?

Those are the sort of questions that we must ask ourselves if we truly want love and happiness in our life.

In this the first part of a series of four dedicated to Spring, you’ll learn how to spring clean your heart and throw away negative emotions. I’ll share with you four of my personal techniques that will help you every day to feel happy and live in a positive state of mind no matter what.

Do you do spring cleaning?

We often hear people say that they are doing spring cleaning around the house, but do we ever stop and think about spring cleaning our life?  Many of us never considered doing this before because we never heard or thought about it.  I want to bring this into your conscious awareness and if not for the first time in your life begin a healing journey to a happy and fulfilling life!!

Do you take care of your heart?

More than being an important organ for our survival like pumping nutrients throughout our body, our heart or as I like to call it, our “emotional heart” is the core of our emotional experiences. Through our emotional heart, we process both spiritual and physical emotions and experiences. Living with an unhealthy heart is as if we are imprisoned in our own skin.

For many years, well I should say most of my life, I experienced very challenging situations and yes, I’ve gotten my heart broken multiple times.  I’m the kind of person that loves without limits and I like to freely express my love for another. Sadly, my desire to share the immense love within me lead me to unconsciously hand my emotional heart over into the hands of the “wrong” people, or I would like to say “teachers”.  A couple of years ago I was experiencing what I believed was true love, the kind that you want to last forever. Well, that didn’t go as I thought it would. I got my emotional heart thrown down on the floor, smashed into powder, swept and thrown into the trash. I learned a good lesson, again. It was a very traumatic emotional experience for me, something I do not wish to my worst enemy (which I don’t have).  Without my emotional heart, I was basically emotionally and spiritually dead. I’m sure many of you have experienced this or a similar feeling.  Yes, I cried all day and night for days, I lost appetite to do anything. I was miserable and I admit it, I was doing that to myself.

kidThen one day seeing my little nephew going about life laughing, playing, falling, crying, and getting back up again as if nothing ever happened; I asked myself, What is the difference between a child and me?  Why does a child falls, cries, and then a few minutes later forgets what happened?  I then realized that a child’s emotional heart is truly pure and very closely connected to his soul. This connection is so strong that nothing can break it.  But then as we grow older this bond to the infinite source of love, joy, and happiness is weakened due to the constant emotional stress we are surrounded by and/or experience every day.

This was an awakening moment for me, one that helped me see light again, one that gave me hope. Since then I’ve worked every day to heal this very special bond between my emotional heart and my spirit.  I want to tell you that no matter what experience, circumstance, or traumatic event you’ve lived, it is possible for you to overcome, heal, and find happiness again. The kind of happiness a two-year-old baby has, yes you can have that again!

Heart with bandages

Next, I would like to share with you four techniques I use and that you can begin to use to heal your emotional heart.

First and foremost, become aware of your emotions. Monitor everything that makes you feel sad, melancholy, angry, stressed, and happy.  This is so important for you to consciously notice. You’ve to stop living like a rock or a lifeless corpse, become aware of your feelings the good and the bad!!

Second, start writing your emotions in a journal or talk about them with someone who would simply listen, a friend or a health coach who will not tell you their advice on what you should do, think, or say; someone who would just hear you out and that you feel comfortable talking with.

Third, you must start a gratitude list. Write three, ten, twelve things you feel grateful for.  It could be anything!!  Your cat or dog, that you are alive, your house, your money, your clothes, your food, your bed, anything really.

Last but not least, laugh out loud, smile, hang out with positive and inspiring people. Do something that makes you feel good and happy like taking care of yourself by going down to get a massage, eating healthy food, a small bite of dark chocolate, hug a tree, go hiking, or do meditation, something positive for you.

Healing your emotional heart is so simple and easy, yet we often overcomplicate our own life by holding on to negative emotions. Give it a try, practice these four easy techniques and little by little you’ll start feeling better, happier, more positive and in love with life again. Your future self, your family, the whole world will thank you for doing this.

“Acknowledge the bad but focus on the good.”

You deserve to live and feel happy all the time!!  and only YoU can do that for yourself.

Send me an email or comment below about your struggles and successes!!  It’s so much easier when we come together, share and help one another.



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“Change is constant and wellbeing your true nature….  you choose to either resist or allow it.”


Joyous and healthy days to you and remember that

Wellbeing Starts withIN

Allen Kares



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Stay tuned for Part 2 of this series….


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