Cleanse Your Life: Part 4 – Spirit

meditateAre you lost in your own life?  Do you want to find your purpose in life? Do you truly know who you are?  Is it possible to cleanse your spirit from bad karma?  What does it mean to be spiritual? Death doesn’t exist…. What?! 

In the previous parts of this blog series, I talked about how to spring clean your heart, mind, and body.  In this last part, you’ll learn what you need to do to spring clean your spirit.

So far you’ve learned that emotions and thoughts affect directly the health of our body and vice versa. Every blog post in this series is a piece of the puzzle and you’ve learned the key basic techniques to Spring Clean Your Life.  You must realize that as with diets, there’s no one way to cure it all.  Every individual is unique both biologically and spiritually.  We all are different and this is exactly why I’ve presented you with techniques that you can use on your own to help you cleanse your life of negative emotions, thoughts, pains, aches, and spiritual karma – so you can live the life of your dreams and be free, happy, and wHealthy!

So what to do to cleanse your spiritual self?

Life's beautiful.
Life’s beautiful.

Before we go to that we must ask ourselves what is spirit and why do we know it exists?  Just like the physical world, the universe, our bodies, and reality as we perceive it; the spirit is a manifestation of energy. We all have a “soul” as true as that we all have a heart or a brain, or a smartphone, a house, a car or a pet.  You must have heard that when people die, that’s it for them, or that they go someplace and that you might see them again someday, or that they went to hell if they weren’t ‘nice’ people.

Here’s something you’ve probably never heard before, death doesn’t exist.  What?  yes, there’s no such thing as death. But how?  It’s clear that everything in the universe is energy, and if you remember your physics we all know that energy is continuously transforming, it’s not created nor destroyed. Our body and spirit are both a manifestation of energy. It is obvious then that death is but a transition, a transmutation of the physical energy we once were. Our spiritual existence is eternal as the energy in all of Creation.

Everything in the universe as we know it is a manifestation of this omnipresent spiritual essence. When you start to see and understand that your physical self is a manifestation, a physical form of your spiritual self then you will no longer be a walking dead person, you’ll be a living breathing, thinking being who is aware of his/her eternal self. All the master teachers throughout millennia have said that we (humans) are spiritual beings living in a material world.

If we humans have a body and a soul (spirit), then we are actually living in two different planes of existence, spiritual and physical, at the same time. But why people don’t agree on this?  Why is this simple principle not understood by all of the humanity?   Well, that’s easy to answer, we all have been conditioned to NOT: think, believe, or try to understand this truth. Society is very efficient at creating zombies a.k.a. “the walking dead” – people who go about their lives mindlessly existing without a reason or a purpose of their own accord.  Society tells us the thoughts we need to think, who we need to be, why we need to do what we are told to do, how it should be done, and why we must follow norms and rules according to our culture or religion.

Don Miguel Ruiz wrote in his book”The Four Agreements” that we all have been domesticated and trained to dream the dream of society. This is why there are millions of people around the world in a slumber state, and not consciously aware of their true selves and their mission or purpose in life. You know the drill; be a good kid, go to school, graduate, work, marry, have kids, get old, die.  They call it the circle of life: birth, growth, reproduction, death.  This circle of life is part of the dream we are forced to believe and whoever doesn’t want to believe the dream of society are immediately labeled as “bad,” “rebels,” a failure.  Oh, but if somebody is following all the rules and norms of society and playing the circle of life game then we say they are successful and an example to follow.

Do you understand what this means?

It means that we ourselves have created our own nightmare and it’s time to wake up before it’s too late. We need to realize who we truly are. We need to wake up from the dream of society and reconnect with our true selves – our spiritual selves.  This is why I created this blog series, to help you wake up and discover and reconnect with who you truly are. The techniques and information I’ve provided you with might be basic and simple yet if you apply them they will propel you forward at quantum leap jumps.

Now, what can you do to spring clean your spirit??

First, you want to start by signing up for my INSIDER’s List, follow me on social media, and read the full Spring Clean Your Life blog series articles I’ve published already. Every article is a piece of the puzzle filled with techniques to help you in your healing and awakening journey.

Second, you need to unlearn the conditioning you’ve been taught by society.  How do you do that?  well, you go to the next step….

Third, you must learn who you truly are.  Discover your true self.  I can help you with that!!  All you’ve to do is contact me and tell me that you want to sign up for a free Call or you can book it yourself by clicking here.

Fourth, once you’ve done all the previous three steps then you simply start helping other people wake up from their zombie-like slumber and do what you did.  Don’t worry, once you’re aware of your true self, you will know what and how to do this.  It’s so easy, I’m telling you, I’ve gone through this process and it’s super ‘easy’ and outmost rewarding!! There’s a catch though, you must be open and willing to take the necessary action steps.

Now, what are you waiting for??  Start living a life full of purpose, joy, awareness, constant bliss and fulfillment!!  Contact me now or go directly to this link to book your free call. Get started now.  What’s the benefit of waiting? ….and waiting for what?

Thank you for reading this life to change blog series!!  There’s nothing that would make me happier than seeing you living the life of your dreams and being who you truly are.  Spread the word!!  Share with your friends and family this blog series and help them help themselves, help them wake up from the dream of society, help them stop being part of “the walking dead.”

Healthy living is a Journey.  ….and a journey is all about the experience.




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Joyous and healthy days to you and remember that

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Allen Kares



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