The Secret to Staying Motivated

Do what you love

If you don’t KNOW your WHY you will lose your WAY.

Knowing your “why” is the most important step on the path to success in anything you set out to do in your life. From getting fit, healthier, and losing weight to attaining wealth or living in joy, love, and happiness.

Not knowing your “true why” will lead you to run out of willpower at some point. This is why people who “try” diets or start exercising end up quitting and falling back to old habits.  If you ever find yourself feeling stuck in life, bored, or fearful then I suggest you keep on reading.

For the sake of your own success, you have to know what you’re doing and more importantly, why.  Is it because you want to look good or live a long healthy life, is it because you want to fit in a new dress and look like the fashion models or because you want to have a better quality of life, is it because your neighbor or doctor told you you should or because you really want to and it’s important to you.  Why do you want to be healthy, look good, and eat better?  Why?  Why do you want wealth, happiness, or success?  Why?

Uncovering your true why is more important than anything because without it you’re going to get lost, burn out, and become unmotivated. On the other hand, knowing your true why will keep you self-accountable, motivated, and eager to keep moving forward and do a little more every day.

Here are just some of the questions that will get you closer to your true why. You can seek the answers but you are free no to.

  • — Is your why a superficial reason or a profound desire?
  • — Why doing/getting/being ____ is important to you?
  • — Is your why yours or you’ve borrowed from somebody else?
  • — What or how are you keeping yourself motivated to keep moving forward?
  • — Is there anyone you can turn to for help or guidance?


The good news is that I can help you tap INto your “true why” and keep you accountable and aware of your why all throughout your way to success.


Are you ready to get clear and uncover your true WHYs?? 

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I believe change is the only constant.

If you try to stop it you’ll experience resistance but if you welcome and allow it you will experience magic.

Most joyously loving and healthy days to you dear soulfriend and remember that Wellbeing Starts withIN 

Live INjoy,

Coach BeNito  😀


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Hi soulfriend!! :D  I’m BeNito RS “the wHolistic Alchemist" Integrative Nutrition Health & Spirituality Coach, energy healer, and numerologist. I thrive helping people experience spiritual, health, and wellbeing transformation. For more than 12 years I've been living a healthy lifestyle and been mentored by the world’s top renowned experts on all things health, wellness, spirituality, and personal development. I like to say that my life experience is one of constant expansion, harmony, love and INjoy with the occasional burst of contrast to spice things up  :P
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