What do Weight, Health, Life, and Relationship Problems have in Common?

pexels-photo-601170Many of us live in such a way that our attention to developing an intimate relationship with our INner Being is the last thing we would think about. 

We often care so much more about how others see us, think of us, judge us, react to us, and we focus so much on trying to please others and making everybody happy but we do this at the cost of our own wellbeing.  The cause of this is because we shift our attention to the outside.  Mainstream and social media pack jam our heads with needless information and cloud our thoughts and consciousness about what truly is important to us. We compare ourselves to what is out there hurting our self-image and the relationship with ourselves causing inner conflict and for many of us, this conflict turns self-destructive. 

This inner conflict is oftentimes the root cause of unhealthy habits that affect our wellbeing at the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels to the point that even our interpersonal relationships with others deteriorate, which further hinder our inner relationship with ourselves creating more inner conflict and this goes on and on in a repetitive and vicious cycle.  This is why so many people live unhappy lives and so many don’t even realize it.

The bottom line here is that if we human-beings shift our attention away from exterior things and focus INwards then we will begin to experience a sense of freedom, happiness, and wellbeing like we never imagined before. If we, even if we start with 15 minutes a day to stop worrying about the outside, about what people say, feel, or think of ourselves and just focus on developing and healing the relationship with our INner Being then we will start the create a marvelously happy, successful, and healthy life. A life that is not dependent on the outside but a life that grows and expands from the INside while being awed and amazed by the beauty waiting to be explored and experienced on the outside. Meditation plays a key role in our overall wellbeing, wealth, and happiness and the best part is that it’s super easy to practice, five to fifteen minutes per day is all we need.


Why do you want to lose weight?

Often, people come to me wanting to lose weight but when it comes down to it they have no clear idea why. The most common answer to this “why” is a superficial reason. They want to look better or fit in those pants so that people around them perceive them differently and this is a clear clue that the relationship with their inner being is one of imbalance and conflict or not existent.  Those who are serious sign up for one of my coaching programs. I often begin by exploring with them their relationship they have with themselves and to their surprise, they begin to experience fast tremendous growth and harmony withIN themselves. I like to say that they re-connect with their true “why(s)”.

Suddenly losing weight is not as important as they thought it was because they realize that what they really are after is feeling better about themselves or their life. They realize that the real reason they want to lose weight is that they want to love themselves and have a better quality of life. They realize the pant size doesn’t matter as much as the lifestyle they want to live and the experiences they want to have and share with loved ones. They discover a profound “why” and a powerful reason and motivation to strive every day towards that vision. And before they know it, the weight starts coming off. That is the beauty of the holistic approach…. getting amazing unexpected results at multiple aspects of one’s life.

I deeply believe in what I do and why I do it because I see the results people obtain and because I’ve experienced it myself. I’ve seen that focusing on INner work works and I know this is extremely INvaluable because people obtain more benefits than what they initially wanted.  Still, many, so very many people continue to focus on the mainstream media “junk” that is all about the outside and very little about what really is going on on the INside. That’s why I’ve created withINology to create clear conscious awareness about the importance of the relationship with our INner Being and how this affects our outer world (our appearance, health, wellbeing, relationships, work, life).

I INvite you to become a withINer and transform your life INside out. In doing so you’ll help yourself and also help me spread this message and together create the unimaginable. It’s time for the next human evolution, one that starts INside each and every one of us, one that is focused and aware of what truly is important.




“Change is constant and wellbeing your true nature….  you choose to either resist or allow it.”


Joyous and healthy days to you and remember that

Wellbeing Starts withIN

Allen Kares



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