What is withINology??

withINologyWITHINOLOGY is the understanding of you…. INside out.

It’s the most direct way for you to learn how to:
  • Feel better at the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual levels
  • Transform your life and health from the INside out
  • Identify what is not working for you
  • and get clear on what you want and why

Instead of following the same old boring and outdated approaches, choose to have fun and allow yourself to INjoy your experience of change and transformation.
Tap INto your inner guidance system!! It’s as simple as….

Becoming aware of the Thoughts you think and the Emotions you feel because they trigger the Actions you take and produce the Results you get.

To ALL change in your life, health, eating habits, physical appearance, happiness, relationships, etc…. it precedes a shift withIN.

All these years studying all things health, wellness, personal development, and spirituality have led me to understand that everything we are looking for is already withIN us. But we just need to remember how to access it. This is why I created this innovative, integrative, and holistic approach to help you re-connect with your true nature, your INner being, and Source Energy so you can improve your life, health, thoughts, emotions, and spirituality so that you can finally begin to live a lifestyle that is fulfilling, INspiring, empowering, and that you love, INjoy, and feel proud of. 

withINology focuses on 3 major transformation concepts:


— Get clear on who you really are, what’s your purpose in life, what makes you tick and feel deeply happy, and more importantly get to know your why.


— Identify what the causes of your health problems are and how you can tackle them at the root. Good health starts IN your Gut.


— Feeling good is more than having good health. There are mental, emotional, and spiritual factors that you need to consider. Approach it holistically.


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I believe change is the only constant.

If you try to stop change you’ll experience resistance but if you welcome and allow it you will experience magic.

Most joyously loving and healthy days to you dear soulfriend and remember that Wellbeing Starts withIN 

Live INjoy,

Coach BeNito  😀


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Hi soulfriend!! :D  I’m BeNito RS, Integrative Nutrition Health & Spirituality Coach, energy healer, and numerologist. I thrive guiding people on their path to spiritual awakening, improved health and wellbeing. For more than 13 years I've been living a healthy lifestyle and been mentored by the world’s top renowned experts on all things health, wellness, spirituality, and personal development. I like to say that my life experience is a joyous one impulsed by constant expansion, inner peace, and the occasional bursts of contrast that spice things up  :P
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