What Makes You Feel Like the Real You?


You, the one you see reflected in a mirror or the one you believe to be or the one others think you are…. yes, you, you are more than one body. You’re not just your bones and flesh. The physical body you believe to be you is but one of the parts that make you whole.

You also have a mental, spiritual and an emotional body….

The human being you think you are is, in reality, a complexity of more than cells and tissues of the physical body; it’s also a conglomerate of the energies that make up your mind, soul, and emotional vibrations.

To be completely happy and healthy you must address, recognize, and accept the other parts that make you whole. It’s not only important to care for your physical body by nourishing it with proper foods and exercise. It’s also crucial that you tend to your mental health, spiritual practice, and emotional wellbeing.

For these reasons and more I created withINology. In short, it means “the understanding of you” at the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.  Because everything you’re looking is already withIN you.  The following ‘mantra’ or sentence is core to this new approach….

Become aware of the emotions you feel and the thoughts you think because they trigger the actions you take and produce the results you get.

Notice how the first thing mentioned is emotions, but why?

To find health, love, happiness, abundance, prosperity, etc…. you must create a sincere feeling of gratitude deep withIN and see yourself for who you truly are. From here new behaviors can be created to create deep and long-lasting change in your life.

It’s time to stop relying on your eyes, touch, and other physical senses to identify yourself. It’s time to put aside and stop relying on societal descriptions of you, and your government identification or birth certificate to know who you are and where you come from. It’s time to rediscover and reconnect the parts that make who you are here on Earth. It’s time to bring yourself to a higher state of being and a better state of health and awareness.  It’s your time to become you.

You are more than your physical body, you’re a divine being living a physical experience through the bones and flesh of the vessel that you inhabit. Your body gives you direct neurophysiological access to the physical reality on this plane of existence. Your body allows you to feel and experience life in ways not otherwise possible. But your body is not all there is to who you are.

When you wake up to the reality of who you truly are, your entire life will shift into the direction you’ve desired since a kid. You’ll then feel, see, and experience the magic of living and your true purpose and destiny will be revealed. Your overall health will improve as well as your relationships with others and Mother Nature. You’ll find fulfillment in ALL areas of your life and people around you will gain INspiration to also live with authenticity.

Live the life you’re destined to live by divine design and reclaim your INner power….

Contact me today, I’m here to help you. It’s my destiny and life’s purpose to be your guide and partner on this journey of self-rediscovery and expansion.



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I hope you continue on your INner journey and that everything I share with you INspires you to find the answers withIN you.

Soulfriend, remember that It All Starts withIN you

Live INjoy,

Coach BeNito  😀


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Hi soulfriend!! :D  I’m BeNito RS “the wHolistic Alchemist" Integrative Nutrition Health & Spirituality Coach, energy healer, and numerologist. I thrive helping people experience spiritual, health, and wellbeing transformation. For more than 12 years I've been living a healthy lifestyle and been mentored by the world’s top renowned experts on all things health, wellness, spirituality, and personal development. I like to say that my life experience is one of constant expansion, harmony, love and INjoy with the occasional burst of contrast to spice things up  :P
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